When I started travelling, I have promised myself to never visit twice the same country or at least the same area. Obviously, 2016 and 2017 are the proof that I have fully broken this rule. Indeed, I have stayed twice at least three months in Australia.

Erskine falls

But, anyway, I have realised that you can break this rule for these reasons :

  • You have only visited one city or region for a country;
  • You want to visit a region under a new perspective or mindset because of a bad experience;
  • You have done your bucket list entirely;

My current example of my travel in Australia may explain why sometimes visiting twice the same country can be great.

My trip was full of anger and sadness. Indeed, I met the wrong persons and stay too long with them and mostly, I did not follow my gut.

I started to hate this country and to associate it with these persons. And, as a black person with the struggles associated with it, I have learned that you should never associate the behaviour of a minority of persons with a whole.

After leaving Australia at the end of September, I have realised that I did not finish a life project I wanted to do for years : visiting Australia as whole and I have realised that with locals, I had mainly bad experiences.

Me watching The Twelve Apostles

But, the few good experiences I have got made me realised that good people are everywhere. Overall, one day, I was in Wollongong, in the middle of nowhere, crying why did I come to this crazy country.

Two girls cheered me up and told me that sh*t happen to everyone and help you to build yourself.

Anyway, when I came back to France, I started to be deeply depressed and I have lost my self-confidence. This state of mind is hard when you start your professional life and the struggles associate with it.

In one month, I got a job in consulting and I stayed only three weeks because I have lost my confidence to deal with the struggles and also because of the chaotic management.

Fortunately, while I have started to think about coming back to Australia, I have met on the internet, a local with who I have started to talk to. I have found it as a sign to book a flight ticket to continue my trip and to start over on a positive note.

Smiling positive waiter in Melbourne

Right now, I am currently in the middle of nowhere in South Australia, in Paringa. I think it is too early to fully write something on this experience/therapy but positivity brings positivity as we say.

This  example is a proof that when the first time you got a bad experience, you can stay on this bad experience or do it again with a different mind and a different persons etc. So, break the rules and why not breaking the never twice the same country or region.