Pembroke was my first journey in the adulthood. It is small town next to the busy St Julian’s in Malta.

I was a with a local family. There were very welcoming and simple: going to Church on Sunday, watching the television after work, going to the seaside during the weekend). The mother, Joan, took care of several traveller and I as a usual mother. She gave us advice about things to visit and the life in the island. She said that it is very pricy to have a land there but the life in general is quite good.

They also have habits from the time of the British colonisation : drinking tea at 5pm, they learn English at the youngest age at school. I was surprised that a 9 year old girl was able to speak a perfect English and perfect Maltese at the same time. Everyday is a new day to learn something new.

With them, my parisian usual life changed. I was used to things going fast and furious and now I was obliged to live slower. I felt anxious the first days but then I have managed to adapt to the lifestyle.

It was my first contact with people who are not linked to myself and who are usually in my circle. My English was very far from perfect as the usual French tourist outside its mother land. I also met my first crush: he was a very good salsa dancer and in love with Mathematics, I won’t go further, then it is personal.

There was no WiFi in the house. As a device addicted (I am still addicted in fact), I have managed to find a connection in a public park behind the house (Hello swings !). Thanks to the lack of WiFi and mobile -I did not have an adapted subscription at that time, now I have learned that it is more practical to buy a local sim card – I had to speak to people and that is nice but quite uncorfortable for a shy person like me.

When I left, I was heartbroken because I left a home with a beautiful family and the occasion to meet new travellers with experiences and souvenirs in a small town, in a small island.

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